Northwest Indian College

Managed the redesign, and created the theme. Added functionality, such as Organic groups to manage department pages. Improved back-end usability and workflow for content editors.

AFK Tavern

Design and Drupal 7 Theme creation using Adaptive Theme as the base.


Created the design and theme. Worked with client to create a simple workflow for adding and updating content.

LinuxFest Northwest

Updated the design of the LinuxFest Northwest website to look friendlier and more welcoming to the community.

The theme uses Fusion as the base, and Skinr to allow for easy appearance changes to blocks.

Carolina Weekly Newspapers

Designed and developed seven Drupal sites for the newspaper group. Used Domain Access to share content across the regional news sites.

Mwangaza International

Created the website using a slightly modified contributed theme, Arthemia. Set the site up with a spotlight, twitter block, and a page to feature stories from people that Mwangaza International has helped. Set up Localization for bilingual content.